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Save Your Pictures From Theft- Add A Watermark To Them

Photographs help you keep the memories of the time alive in the exact form. Photographs don’t grow old and forget. They never fade from the memory. They are always the same age as and when you take them. Everyone takes pictures these days and posts them online. It’s the trend to show off where you have been and where you are going to go. Some people capture views in the most beautiful way possible. And that is why they don’t want someone else to use their pictures without asking for them.

It is not possible to ask and no one asks for giving credits to the owner of the images. So how do you save your pictures from this theft? Simple, you add watermark to your images. It can be considered a bad thing by many but applying watermarks to photographs is the best way to prevent people from using your photographs online as their own without due credit. It may not be the ideal solution but you still would want to know if a painting was made by Van Gogh and not someone who just copies him right?

There are ways to make watermarks on your photographs. Plenty of software and options are available online to leave your sign on your image. Watermarks and watermark makers vary in forms. Namely, it can be a text or image watermark positioned on top of your original image. When adding a text watermark, you can choose the font, size, color and even transparency as per your desire. Whereas while choosing image watermark, you can decide the transparency and size. Different angles to choose from are a possibility too.

The opacity or transparency of your watermark makes a difference too. If you make your name or brand too visible, then you ruin your image altogether. People want to see the image and not your name right. The name is there to protect your image and not ruin it. Just keep the size normal and the font less fancy. And you are good to go.

If you’re going to add a watermark, just keep it clean, unobtrusive and as subtle as possible. Don’t rub it in the viewer’s face. You can download watermark maker software to add watermark to thousands of images or just go online and do it. There are a lot of free options available to choose from so you can save a lot of money while saving your photographs from theft.

Or you can download imaging software like Adobe Photoshop or if you are already using it, then simply learn to add a watermark there. There is no guarantee that a watermark will keep your photograph from being used anywhere without your permission but it will at least add a layer of security and your work and content would be branded as your own. Everyone will know it is yours. But to avoid getting the watermark cut out of your image altogether, choose the right online tool.
Be smart! Avoid theft!!